Meet Athena

by | Mar 13, 2018

Meet Athena the Owl, the newest member of our team here at Construction Training Hub. Athena will be joining us on this journey of upskilling, training and further educating you, our client, in the areas of contract, project and commercial management in the construction industry.


Being widely known as a bird conveying knowledge and wisdom, deciding on an owl as our animal brand mascot was a no-brainer. But once we had decided on her species, we needed an appropriate and fitting name for her, and that’s when the research began.


After a few google searches and numerous discussions and debates, we finally agreed on the name Athena.

Why Athena?

Athena has been aptly named after the greek goddess of wisdom, well known for her strategic reasoning, intelligence and perspicacity. (appropriate given that she represents a learning hub don’t you think?) Athena had a constant companion in the form of a little owl, Athena Noctua and, according to the mythology, she would occasionally take the form of an owl herself, further solidifying the association. As a result, the owl of Athena has been used as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and erudition throughout the Western World and in many different cultures. (even so far as the animated character Owl from Winnie the Pooh, and in more recent years Owly from Hootsuite fame)


Athena was, arguably, the wisest and most resourceful of the Olympian Gods, and at CTH we pride ourselves on using our resources to bring together the most knowledgeable industry experts to deliver high-quality training on relevant subjects relating to the construction industry.  We strive to develop practical, refreshing and realistic material and subject matter for our seminars and we believe that on-going training not only allows people to develop and achieve their potential, but also significantly improves the efficiency of the construction projects in which they are involved, leading to better profitability, fewer defects and substantially less disputes.


So why not join Athena the Owl on this journey of “constructing knowledge” and soar above your industry competitors by staying at the cutting edge of construction management and signing up for one of our seminars today.


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