The First Batch of Seminars

by | Aug 2, 2018

Our first batch of seminars are now live and on our website, taking us up to Christmas. Locations include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Rockhampton, Newcastle and Surfers Paradise.

Those initial seminars include:

A Practical Guide to the AS2124 form of Contract

Since its update in 1992, the AS2124 Standard Form of Contract remains one of the most common construction contracts in use in Australia.

Typical of a construction contract, it requires careful management of time, cost and quality so as to deliver projects successfully. Key features of this contract are its procedural requirements and the risk of losing entitlements if certain procedures are not followed.

This seminar provides an in-depth view of the specific nuances of the contract with real world examples to aid understanding.

Effective Commercial Management of Construction Projects

Construction projects are complex and can easily lose money in a variety of different ways.

Effective Commercial Management significantly reduces the risks of losing money while significantly increasing the opportunity to make money and, overall, be efficient and profitable. 

This seminar provides a general overview of commercial management and examines the typical duties, obligations and requirements of a good commercial manager, including real world examples to aid understanding.

Back to Basics – Construction Contract Fundamentals

We enter into contracts every day of our lives, whether buying groceries from the supermarket or paying to park in a car park.

Most of those contracts are simple and often verbal. However, due to the complex nature of construction, and the many things that can go wrong, construction contracts will be complicated, unwieldy and often confusing even to the most seasoned construction professional.

This seminar provides an overview of contracts in general and construction contracts in particular. It examines typical clauses with real world examples to aid understanding.

Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts

The Industry is overstretched, Consultants and the Building Consent Authorities are over-loaded and disputes are on the increase.  Despite numerous advances in the law and technology, delay, disruption, contractual and legal issues remain the biggest cause of costly disputes in construction.

This seminar provides a general overview of good management of delay and disruption, including taking the necessary steps to minimise the effect and to ensure that appropriate notices are issued resulting in a fair assessment of additional time and cost.


All of the above are kindly delivered by Steven C Evans of CMC Asia Pacific and can be booked through our website.